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Advertise & earn product-update

Advertise & earn

written: 3rd January 2024, updated 3rd January 2024

📢 Advertise your business

Get People to Post Your Adverts on their Social Media & performs social task.

Our promoters are ready to post your advert on their whatsapp status, Instagram , Facebook, TikTok etc.

You can also get traffic to your youtube channel, spotify, mobile app / website, your music & more

💰 Earn money

You can earn money by completing social tasks such as posting business adverts on your WhatsApp status, liking business pages , following, subscribing to Youtube channels & more.

🛒 Affiliate Market & Resells

List your products on our affiliate marketplace which gives 1000's of people the chance to resell your product for a commission. They share your product with their audience and get paid whenever someone places an order through their link.