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Virtual USD cards 💳 product-update

Virtual USD cards 💳

written: 6th April 2023, updated 6th April 2023

Say hello to virtual master cards.

You can now make all your international payment without having a USD bank account.

You can make payment anywhere online. Our cards work wherever mastercard is available,

You can pay for Ali express, Netflix, Facebook ads, apple, Aws, Google ads etc

All you have to do is create your card and top up in your local currency

You can then, exchange funds in you local currency to USD and top up your card. Its that simple

You can fund your card with Dollars and spend in any currency. You can also use it online wherever Mastercards are accepted globally. Like a physical card, you’ll get a card number, expiry date, and CVV whenever you need to make a purchase.

So whether you’d like to pay for an online course or streaming services like HBO, book a flight, pay for your Shopify store or splurge on ASOS, Zara, and more, there’s a Lave Card to the rescue. 

Cool Feature: Temporarily freeze and unfreeze your card whenever you lose it or want to limit your spend