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130ml Peel- Off Mask + 30ml Aloe Vera Face Serum + 500ml Beige Shower Gel
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Peel-Off Mask, a high-quality mask that helps your skin regain its youthful appearance, It activates and maintains balance and moisturizes the skin and deeply removes the oil and dead skin and reduces aging.This ideal mask is composed of vitamin A and E. This mask treats all skin problems and revitalize and smoothly gives the skin a bright and attractive color Nourish skin laxative, moisturizing and nourishing for dry and sensitive skin. Allow moisture absorption through the skin. When used regularly, the skin is clean, soft and has a light appearance. Detoxification and skin whitening.
Dos Lunas Bath Gel With 6 Refreshing Fragrances, Provides Long Lasting Moisture Contains A Unique Body Wash Formula Moisturizes 10 Layers Deep In The Skin Surface That Leaves A Fresh Feel, Leaves Skin Smooth And Reveals Young Skin With Continuous Use.

Clears difficult Dark Spots
Anti Aging Mask
Contains Vitamin A and E
Great Perfume scented
For all skin type
Does not blech

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