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Body Massage Bath Salt - Milk - 250ml
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Natural deep sea bath salt from Dos Lunas contains a variety of trace elements. It can be used to wash face and foot, clean skin, and make skin smoother and more moist after long-term use. It softens the stratum carenum when bathing, Can be used for foot bath, full body bath, hot spring, etc. Natural mineral ingredients: It can effectively clean excess fat and make skin smooth and tender. Once to three times a week, soak and rest for 20 minutes, keep the temperature of water at 36 ℃, rinse with clear water after soaking (generally use 2-3 times a week). High-quality deep-sea bath salt is used as the main raw material, which contains plant aromatherapy essential oil. The product produces rich bubbles and lasts when entering water, with strong aroma, stable product quality, difficult moisture absorption when dry, and long retention period.
Note: Be sure to put it into warm water. The temperature of warm water is 40 ℃.

It eliminates dirt and microbes
Removes dead cells from the body
Bath with warm water
For all skin types

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