GHS 25

Gatichetta Self Adhesive Vinyl Craft Permanent Vinyl Roll 12" x 12” for Vinyl Cutter,for Party/Holiday Stickers/DIY Decals, Matte Fresh Pink
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How to Use
🏷️Feed the vinyl into your machine shiny side up and adjust cut settings as needed.
🏷️Once cutting is complete, remove the vinyl and cutting mat from your machine.
🏷️Weed excess material as needed.
🏷️Place transfer tape on top of your weeded decal, ensuring that the tape is flat.
🏷️Apply proper pressure with a scraper to remove air bubbles.
🏷️Apply your decal to a flat, clean surface for best results.
🏷️Carefully peel back your transfer tape and admire your new decal!

💡Not recommend for long-term outdoor applications due to UV fading.
💡A test cut is recommended.

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