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🎁 Benefits of Joining Lave's referral program

What's Lave?

Lave is a leading e-commerce website builder tailor-made for African businesses and creators. Our platform provides a seamless experience for users to create their online stores, sell physical and digital products, collect international payments, and track sales and expenses.

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🎯 How it works

step 1.Subscribe to a paid plan to activate your referral link

step 2. share your referral links with friends / family

step 3. User joins Lave through your link.

step 4. User subscribes to any of our monthly plan for for example : GHS 95/month.

step 5. You receive GHS 47.50 every month till they cancel.

step 6. You also get 50% of every transaction fee the user incurs on their orders.

So you can imagine getting 10 people thats (GHS 475/ month) on just the monthly subscription .

Now, assuming every month , the order transaction fee for all orders your referrals got was GHS 300, you get to keep half (GHS 150)

so GHS 150 x 10 referrals = GHS 1500 / month

Now add the monthly plan commisions to transaction fees you earn.

Total you earn : GHS 1500 + GHS 475 = GHS 1975

You are looking at roughly GHS 2000 cedis per month (140,000 naira) from just 10 people. thats GHS 24,000 (1.6 million naira) a year !!!.

Now imagine having 20, 50 referrals ........you get the idea.

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